Azure Virtual Desktop

Use the power of Microsoft Azure to access your desktop and applications from anywhere.

As more organisations adopt hybrid work environments, you need to provide a secure, scalable and seamless digital workspace that enables employees to work from anywhere and stay productive.


A modern approach to flexible working 

When you want control, or you need to scale resources up - or down - Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) gives you the flexibility you need to deliver a managed desktop experience to your end users.

AVD from CCL a modern approach to flexible working
Icon_AVD easy access to legacy apps
Easy access to legacy apps

Solve the problem of hard-to-move legacy apps. Azure Virtual Desktop launches any Windows application on Azure within a virtual desktop.

Icon_AVD scale to meet demand
Scale to meet demand

Deliver virtual desktops where and when they're needed. AVD lets you scale virtual desktops to meet demand peaks and troughs. Automatically deallocate host VMs in quiet times and reactivate as headcount rises. Also supports business continuity requirements.

Icon_AVD security
Built-in security

High security comes standard. There's no safer way to publish virtual apps and desktops in the public cloud. With AVD, all your data is encrypted in one central location to secure your virtual desktop environment.

Key Features

Azure Virtual Desktop is the ideal solution for organisations that are looking at cloud-based desktop models as a successor to on-premise VDI solutions, for business continuity, or for hybrid working.


Present a real Windows 10 or 11 desktop experience that supports multiple active users on the same Virtual Machines.


Configure virtual desktop scenarios optimised for Microsoft Office 365 services, with full Teams video and audio functionality, and a reliable connection to OneDrive.


Migrate your Remote Desktop Services (RDS) environment with simple management and deployment options on Azure.


Simplify application access and management with a unified application catalogue, customised configurations and policy attributes, and application deployment.


Manage security for devices from a single location.


Forget about infrastructure and perimeter security - leave the complexities to CCL.

Choose from a range of packages to suit your business needs. 

From desktop essentials to customised support you can choose to take control or let the experts at CCL do it for you.

Working with Azure Virtual Desktop is simple and fast. Deploy a complete desktop within a few hours, and manage your desktop images, profiles, and VMs within a simple admin portal.

Alternatively, leave everything to CCL. Our integrated services for AVD cover all your bases, including service enablement, management, monitoring and security response, optimisation and automation, application deployment, and delivery.

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