The smarter way to navigate a hybrid cloud future.

Embracing hybrid cloud

In today's digital era, organisation's must navigate the complexities of cloud transformation while ensuring flexibility and cost effectiveness. While organisations recognise the need to embrace a hybrid cloud strategy, they struggle with the challenges it brings.

The impact of unforeseen costs, challenges in accessing the right expertise across a wide breadth of technology, as well as the dynamic nature of security. The impact is undeniable. It's time to address this complexity head-on and unlock the full potential of hybrid cloud.

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Your cloud unified

CloudIQ is a managed hybrid cloud service that empowers organsiations to visualise, manage and orchestrate workloads across on-premises, private, and public cloud environments.

CloudIQ offers cloud-agnostic, modular flexibility, enabling clients to transform their preferred cloud provider, and effortlessly adding or removing services as their needs evolve.

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Your local managed hybrid cloud provider

Access a wealth of expertise and experience from New Zealand's leading cloud service provider, CCL. We combine the best of global technology with local insights and a kiwi touch, to bring you world-class service, right here in New Zealand.

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Navigate the new with CloudIQ

We know that simply moving your data and workloads is not the best answer. You want a smarter way to navigate your cloud requirements across on-premise, private and public clouds.

CloudIQ from CCL lays the foundation for a more modern, secure and agile business by combining advanced cloud technology with expert cloud management.

Say goodbye to limitations and hello to a transformative cloud experience that unlocks new possibilities and unleashes innovation.

Discover endless possibilities with CloudIQ

Experience the power of CloudIQ, an innovative managed hybrid cloud solution that integrates on-premises, private, and public clouds. With our flexible, scalable, and secure hybrid cloud foundation, you can choose the optimal cloud mix to address your needs today and innovate for tomorrow.

Improved visibility
Improved visibility

Through a single portal, gain comprehensive visibility of all workloads and costs across multiple cloud environments.

Optimised flexibility
Optimised flexibility

Optimise your IT landscape and enjoy greater flexibility to choose the cloud environment that best suits your data and application needs.

Security and compliance
Security and compliance

Achieve security and compliance on your terms, by locating sensitive data in the cloud environment that best meets your requirements.

Improved scalability
Improved scalability

Scale effortlessly by leveraging public cloud during peak demand, while maintaining private cloud or on-premises infrastructure for baseline operations.

Accelerated innovation
Accelerated innovation

Enable greater innovation and speed to market with a flexible and scalable solution.

Peace of mind
Peace of mind

As a fully managed service, your cloud environment is continuously optimised and expertly managed by cloud specialists.

The CCL difference

Deep experience

We draw on the latest global tech innovations and enhance them with local knowledge and expertise to deliver tailored solutions.

Aotearoa made

We're born and raised in Aotearoa - a world-class kiwi business, focused on helping organisations navigate a digital world.

World-class partnerships

We leverage close partnerships with the world's best technology providers, to bring our clients the best possible outcomes.

Navigate your hybrid cloud future.

Find out how you can gain more from your cloud investments with CloudIQ from CCL. Get in touch today.