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For IT leaders and decision-makers


Presenting the eagerly awaited second edition of the State of New Zealand Cloud Transformation report. A comprehensive snapshot of how organisations are faring in the cloud and the role it will play in their future.

This report serves as a guiding light, showcasing the latest cloud strategies and trends, while also revealing the golden opportunities and tough challenges that lie ahead.

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If you're a business or technology decision-maker steering your organisation through the complex maze of cloud technology, then this report is a must-read!

In this report you'll discover:

  • The New Zealand cloud adoption maturity curve
  • Which mix of cloud models IT leaders are deploying
  • How New Zealand organisations are managing cloud operations
  • Which emerging technologies IT decision-makers are adopting and why
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Unlock New Zealand Insights


In this State of New Zealand Cloud Transformation report, you'll get local insights and observations into cloud adoption, cloud models, cloud operations, and emerging technologies.

Through independent research we surveyed 476 IT decision-makers within New Zealand organisations. The survey asked a range of questions about their attitudes and behaviours relating to cloud adoption and usage.

A sneak peek into some key insights

SoC - 88%
of organisations see cloud as highly important to their strategy and growth.
SoC - 37%
of organisations are looking to hybrid or multi-cloud for their future.
SoC - 31%
of organisations cite lack of resources and expertise as their top challenge.